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This set of 640 images of neurons from the spinal cords thirty-six rats were created for use in Psychology 116, the psychobiology laboratory course, to train students in data analysis and interpretation. This image collection has also been used to test the transfer of digital objects between the Library's digital image collection and course management software systems.

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- Biomechanics of Motion Collection Description The purpose of this Biomechanics of Movement collection is to create a structure and a web based user interface for researchers and students to access and utilize video clips of human movements. This interactive digital archive resource provides a mechanism for bringing together engineers, animators, computer scientists, and kinesiologists to collectively solve meaningful real world problems fundamental to functional movement. This digital collection of movement video clips is created by members of the USC Biomechanics Research Laboratory in collaboration with USC Libraries. CITE AS: Creator. Title. Date. From the Biomechanics of Motion Digital Archive. Digitally reproduced by the University of Southern California Digital Archive.

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