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Architectural history

About Preservation News , represents a comprehensive history of the public undertakings of the National Trust for Historic Preservation of the United States and gives much of the background to the work and growth of the organization in areas such as the evolution of its organizational structure, the problems and issues that underpinned the fashioning and enactment of key historic preservation legislation, and the nature and progress of significant restoration projects and advocacy activities initiated in the US and abroad between 1961 and 1995. The journal is liberally interspersed with historic photographs of significant buildings and sites throughout the county with relevant commentary.

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more » Need more help? Browse subjects to find your area of interest. more » Need more help? Contact an expert in your area of study. more » Need help getting around? View D. H. Hill Library Map . Search books, articles, journals, & library website About the SCRC Introduction to the 1994 Architectural Records Survey This booklet is a survey of architectural records held in repositories, government agencies, architectural firms, and private collections throughout North Carolina. The aim of this survey is to begin to unite the scattered architectural collections across the state and to initiate the process for developing a statewide collection strategy and appraisal program for North Carolina architectural records.

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In keeping with its designer's intent, Washington University's Benjamin Brown Graham Memorial Chapel serves as a refuge to entertain both the intellectual and spiritual. The physical design of Graham is quite straightforward. The intellectual and spiritual impetus of the design of Graham is not. By sauntering through a forest of historical perspective, we will examine Graham's manner of conception by focusing on two elements: grotesques and glass.

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