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The National Library of Scotland has the pre-eminent collection of decorative bookbindings produced in Scotland during the last five centuries. Some were transferred to the new National Library in 1925 as part of the collections of the Advocates Library, but many have been purchased since in an attempt to document the development of binding styles in Scotland. Below are displayed a representative sample of bindings from the 18th century, together with a number of decorative endpapers from these books.

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About the Collection The UWM Book Arts Collection contains scanned images of selected artists’ books from the UWM Special Collections-Book Arts Collection.   The goal of the UWM Special Collections-Book Arts Collection has been to document and demonstrate the use of the book form as an art medium. The collection’s main focus is on examples of artists' books from the late nineteenth century to the present. Largely represented are examples of American book arts, especially those of the Upper Midwest.

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