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Panoramic photography

Note that Albert Einstein is standing to the left of the President. This group shot was taken by Fred Scut of Washington, DC, one of the most prolific of panoramic photographers. The print size is 38" x 10". Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture (16-ES-485) The description was handwritten on the photograph by Mr. Brooks. It was taken by Thompson Photo of Venice, CA, and measures 46" x 10". Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (75-PA-3-7) The photographer and date are unknown. The dimensions of the print are 54" x 10".

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Panorama of the City of Toronto, 1857 Rossin House Hotel In 1857, the roof of the hotel provided the ideal vantage point from which Armstrong, Beere & Hime photographed their Toronto. The Rossin House, on the southeast corner of King and York streets, was the tallest building in the newer commercial district of Toronto when it opened that year. It was one of the city’s pre-eminent hotels, with an 1866 guide claiming: “What the Fifth Avenue Hotel is to New York, and the Windsor is to Montreal, so the celebrated Rossin House is to Toronto.” The Rossin House was destroyed by a fire in 1862, and was rebuilt in 1863.

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A digital collection comprised of over 1200 historical photograhs collected and/or taken by T.N. Barnard or Nellie Stockbridge. The images span the years 1894 to 1964, containing images of Northern Idaho (Wallace/Kellogg Area) mines, towns, fires, scenery, and historical sites. To explore the collection by date or location, or to find out more about the collection, use the tabs above. Questions? questions? Contact Devin: dbecker@uidaho.edu (208) 885-7040 In 1964 the University of Idaho Library received a collection of over 200,000 nitrocellulose and glass plate negatives taken by Nellie Stockbridge and her predecessor and founder of the studio, Mr. T.N. Barnard.

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