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The University of Chicago Library's Century of Progress 1933-34 World's Fair Collection, most of which is housed in the Special Collections Research Center, contains the majority of materials that were published for the fair. Three hundred and fifty pamphlets from the collection have been digitized. Also available is a searchable database of the complete Checklist of Official Publications of the Century of Progress International Exposition and Its Exhibitors that was produced by staff of the John Crerar Library shortly after the close of the fair.

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Bliffert Collection The Thomas and Jean Ross Bliffert Postcard Collection consists of about 12,000 postcards on a broad range of local, regional, national and international subjects. Thomas and Jean Ross Bliffert, who have been actively collecting postcards since 1945, donated the collection to the UW-Milwaukee Libraries beginning in September 1998. Although the collection is still being processed, it may be accessed upon request in Special Collections at the UWM Libraries.

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A selection of 290 postcards from the Florida Postcard Collection covering Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and other South Florida locations from the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections.

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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the Collection The Newton Owen Postcard Collection represents nearly a century in the life and travels of an extended Kentucky family. The earliest cards date to the late 19th century, and while the bulk of the collection dates to the period 1900-1940, there are postcards dating to the 1980s as well. It consists of 781 cards, including travel postcards and greeting cards of many different kinds. The Newton Owen Postcard Collection consists of postcards collected by the Bayne, Foell, and Owen families. The Bayne family, consisting of Samuel and Fannie Bayne and their children, Josephine (born 1899), Samuel Junior (born 1901), and Sarah (born 1903).

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The Toronto Public Library (TPL) has long been committed to an active exhibition program for its Local History and Special Collections in the Canada Trust Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library and other Library venues. The virtual version of All Aboard Toronto ? Railways and the Growth of a City , fully re-creates the exhibition on display in our Gallery from August 4 ? October 7, 2001. The exhibition explores Toronto railway history and its impact on the development of the city from the 1850s to the end of the steam era in the mid 20th century. It is illustrated with over a hundred collection items including paintings, drawings, maps, postcards, broadsides and other ephemera.

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