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About the Archive Links Collections Connexxus/Centro de Mujeres Collection Administrative records of one of the first Los Angeles non-profit organizations that catered and provided services to lesbians. Cruikshank (Margaret) Collection Book reviews, publicity materials, proposals, correspondence, press releases and interviews relating to Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Path; New Lesbian Writing, Lesbian-Feminist Study Clearing House. Faderman (Lillian) Collection Drafts of published papers, books and book reviews, research, correspondence, publicity materials and lesbian, gay and women's publications.

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About - Lesbian Intentional Communities: Ruth Mountaingrove Photographs The Ruth Mountaingrove Papers include textual and graphical materials. The collection is currently arranged into four series, beginning with correspondence, diaries, ephemera and finally, photographs. The photograph series (Series IV) is currently the only series within this collection that is processed and available for research use. Ruth's photographs depict her life on lesbian land, and as a member of the national feminist/lesbian network.

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