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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the Collection Known as The Traipsin' Woman, Jean Thomas (1881-1982) traveled the mountains of eastern Kentucky taking snapshot photographs of the mountain way of life, writing, and promoting mountain folkways. She was particularly interested in the music, crafts, and language patterns of the area. Included in the digital collection are 1,077 photographs of and by Jean Thomas during her travels throughout the eastern Kentucky mountains and the staging of the annual American Folk Song Festival. The images document musical instruments, quilts, baskets, and other crafts, and scenes with community and family groups, and date from Jean's childhood (ca.

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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the Collection The Claude C. Matlack Collection documents the formative years of a mountain settlement school in Oneida, Kentucky, and provides a poignant look at life in the Cumberland Mountains of Clay County between 1903 and 1916. The collection also includes pictures taken in the photographer's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, plus a few scenes from Indiana and Colorado. Claude C. Matlack (1878-1944) was an amateur photographer, working as an engineer for his family's plumbing and lighting business, when he happened to meet a trustee of Oneida Baptist Institute on a train in Eastern Kentucky.

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This collection is part of the Glasgow Digital Library and is maintained by the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde . The resource was developed as part of the Resources for Learning project funded by the New Opportunities Fund digitisation programme. Further resources and 70,000 objects can be found on the RLS site .

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T he Archival Photographic Files document the history of the University of Chicago and the development of its campus, academic programs, and community life. Individuals & Groups Images not yet available online. Images of U of C faculty, students, staff, alumni, admini­strators, donors, visitors as well as academic and admini­strative groups, classes, and depart­ments. Buildings & Grounds Images of U of C buildings, campus plans, and sur­rounding neighbor­hoods including Hyde Park, Kenwood, and Woodlawn. Events Images of U of C academic, public, and historical events, ceremonies, inaugu­rations, reunions, and visits of notable individuals.

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