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Certain threads have been woven into the history of Alaska since the first appearance of Whites, hundreds of years ago. These include the search for wealth, the role of the military as a governing body, a mobile and changing population, interaction with Native peoples, a boom-and-bust economy, and a free-wheeling attitude on the part of many who came from elsewhere.

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Bradford Washburn Photograph Collection The Bradford Washburn Collection The Alaska and Polar Regions Collections holds many of the more than 8,700 large format (8"x10") black-and-white negatives that Bradford Washburn created between 1937 and 1976. These are aerial images he took using methods that ranged from shooting photographs out the open door of a Bellanca Skyrocket with a modified Fairchild K-6 camera resting on his lap, to the use of a Learjet whose rear emergency window had been modified with a three-quarter inch optical glass photo-window. The University does not hold all of Washburn’s negatives. Some negatives remained with Washburn; others were sent to his authorized art gallery dealer: Panopticon . This gallery produces high-quality art images and posters.

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