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Lillian Frow Peacock & Eunice Peacock Merrick Collection Considered the pioneers of society in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, the Frow and Peacock families settled in the tropics in the late 1800s and left a legacy of history and town character that persists to this day. Both John Frow and his son Simeon served as keepers of the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the famed embattled site of adventure and strife from Seminole Indian War attacks, in 1859 and 1868 respectively. Also the first person to buy property in Coconut Grove, John and his brother Joseph, who worked as John's assistant at the lighthouse, stood on the initial board to establish a school for the Coconut Grove district.

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Inside the National Archives Southeast Region 1. Welcome The Southeast Region of the National Archives holds in trust original records documenting the settlement and development of a unique section of the United States. It maintains historical records from regional offices of Federal agencies in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. These records are the documentary evidence of day-to-day occurrences that have become part of our history. This presentation highlights treasures in the region's holdings. It tells intriguing stories of the people who once inhabited this land. Some documents are about famous people and events.

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