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About This Project I n 2007, the State Archives of North Carolina began a pilot project, funded by a LSTA grant provided by the State Library of North Carolina, to digitize the earliest known newspapers, The Western Carolinian and the Carolina Watchman.  The goals of the project were to determine the amount of effort it took to digitize early newspapers, establish best practices for outsourcing the digitization of newspapers, and to create 3 lesson plans for K-12 stakeholders.  An advisory board Project Team was appointed in October, 2007 and the process of selecting and analyzing the newspapers began in earnest.  OCLC Preservation Services were selected to do the digitization and their CONTENTdm system was chosen to make the materials available online.&n

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Historical State is your gateway to NC State history. Use Historical State to learn something new about NC State or to start your research on a university history topic. Search for information on events and activities that have occurred in the past at NC State, or access historic photos, course catalogs, and online exhibits. Explore the development of campus buildings, student life, the colleges, and the academic departments. Test your knowledge of NC State history in the "Did You Know?" section, or view a timeline to learn about the various activities happening around campus in a given year.

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