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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the Collection This digital collection will assemble images relating to Louisville, Kentucky, and environs from various small collections in the University of Louisville Libraries' special collections and archives. The following collections are currently featured in this digital collection, which will be periodically updated with additional images: A. W. (Albert Wheaton) Terhune Collection , ULPA 1987.70 Insurance agent and amateur photographer Albert Wheaton Terhune was born March 12, 1871 in Newark, New Jersey. The oldest of four children, he lost his mother to tuberculosis in 1877, and, in his late teens, contracted the disease and spent a year in a sanatorium in Colorado Springs.

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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the Collection In 1903 James Caufield and Frank W. Shook founded the eponymous photography studio in Louisville, Kentucky. Will Bowers later joined the firm as a partner and chief photographer. Few aspects of life in Louisville escaped the lens of Caufield & Shook, whose company motto was "We photograph ANYTHING, day or night." The collection includes work for Louisville architects, builders, banks and financial houses, wholesale and retail merchants, advertisers, government agencies, public utilities, and private individuals. In 1924 Caufield and Shook became the official photographer of the Kentucky Derby. The firm was sold to Richard N. Duncan and Ned Tanselle in 1960 and went out of business in 1978.

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