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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the Collection This digital collection includes eighteen illuminated manuscript leaves which were acquired by the University of Louisville Libraries in 2006 with funding from the Pzena Foundation. Dating from 1150 through 1867, these leaves represent Western European and Islamic cultures. Lesson plans mapping to Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) Core Content goals for the 7th grade Arts & Humanities curriculum supplement the online presentation.

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DIGITAL COLLECTIONS About the The André Jeunet Collection About the Collection This digital collection consists of 210 images of French soldier André Jeunet (1896-1979), fellow soldiers, and civilians during World War I.  Most of the photographs were taken by Jeunet while he was serving in northeastern France (1915-1917) and the Balkans (1917-1918). André Jeunet was born in Bourg-la-Reine, a suburb south of Paris, on September 20, 1896. He was drafted into the French army when he was eighteen years old and served as a Simple Soldat from March 1915 to April 1919.

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