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A Digital Collection of Cornell's University Archives The Cornell University Digital Archives is a collection of publications from the Cornell University Archives, comprising of a total of 26,481 pages dealing with the history of Cornell University. These materials date from 1868 until 1945 and involve a number of different publications including annual reports, class books and University registers. For a a complete listing of our digital collection click on the browse link.

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About Introduction The Cornell University Library and the Cornell Daily Sun are collaborating on an ambitious new digitization project to provide online access to the Sun's historical files. All of the original newspapers will be scanned and made available on a web site maintained by the Cornell University Library. For more than 120 years, the Sun has provided news, information, and entertainment to the entire Cornell community. Accounts of campus events and activities, sports reporting, and editorial commentary all contribute to make the Sun one of the most important sources of information on the history of the university.

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