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This set of 640 images of neurons from the spinal cords thirty-six rats were created for use in Psychology 116, the psychobiology laboratory course, to train students in data analysis and interpretation. This image collection has also been used to test the transfer of digital objects between the Library's digital image collection and course management software systems.

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Historical Context The Great Depression and the World Wars were the major historical influences on Americans between 1933 and 1945. The 1929 stock market crash had left 13 million people unemployed and 2 million homeless. A documentary of the period would have revealed Hoovervilles, dust storms, labor union strikes, violent farmers protesting foreclosures and unarmed WWI Vets marching on the White House for their promised bonuses, only to be met by U.S. Army tanks. Adolf Hitler Geburtstagfeier. (Birthday Celebration) Los Angeles, April 20, 1935 In 1933 Adolf Hitler became the head of Germany's Third Reich and Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered the Oval Office. In the United States, the New Deal brought hope for recovery.

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