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About the Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection The Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection provides online access to digital audio files of cylinders in the Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive. Belfer’s cylinder collection includes over 22,000 cylinders, 12,000 of which are unique titles. The digital recordings, provided in both MP3 and WAV file format, can be searched or browsed by genre/subject. The project was partially supported by a Delmas Foundation grant. The MP3 and WAV recordings in the Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection differ in that the MP3 recordings have recording “noise” cleaned up and are in a compressed file format.

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Bunraku, Japanese puppet theater, is an unusually complex dramatic form, a collaborative effort among puppeteers, narrators, and musicians. Columbia University Libraries' Bunraku collection is one the most extensive in the world, documenting its rich performance tradition, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a "masterpiece" of humanity.

The Bunraku gallery is divided into plays, productions, authors, backstage subjects, kashira, and characters. It documents the form's revival in the second half of the 20th century, through more than 12,500 slides and nearly 7,000 black-and-white photographs of rehearsals and performances.

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