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Federal Designs: Symbolism Symbols are an important part of America`s design heritage. They establish and reinforce the national identity and patriotism. In some cases, American symbols are based on recognized associations. The ideals of Greek democracy, the power of Imperial Rome, or the refinements of European fashion frequently are reflected in Federal designs. At other times and for other purposes, designers created icons using images unique to this new country, to this new form of government, and to America`s aspirations to world power.

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Note that Albert Einstein is standing to the left of the President. This group shot was taken by Fred Scut of Washington, DC, one of the most prolific of panoramic photographers. The print size is 38" x 10". Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture (16-ES-485) The description was handwritten on the photograph by Mr. Brooks. It was taken by Thompson Photo of Venice, CA, and measures 46" x 10". Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (75-PA-3-7) The photographer and date are unknown. The dimensions of the print are 54" x 10".

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