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Gardening history

About the Collection The OSU Seed and Nursery Trade catalogue collection contains over 2,000 items from 1832 to 1966. While the collection is most comprehensive in its representation of American catalogues from the 1940s, it contains many older examples from North America, Great Britain, and Holland, as well other European and Asian countries. Former agricultural librarian Laura Kelts compiled the collection from various sources in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, it was stored in a locked room of the science area of the library, where space was at a premium. In 1986, the new Special Collections unit was formed and the collection was moved there, where it resides today. Seed and nursery trade catalogues are lists of seeds or plants available for sale.

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Organized in 1925, the Coral Gables Garden Club has promoted gardening and community beautification in Coral Gables for over 80 years. In recent years, the club helped preserve George Merrick's vision for his city, raising funds for new entrances to Coral Gables at Douglas and Red roads and Miracle Mile; commissioning a statue of Merrick recently dedicated in front of Coral Gables city hall; and supporting the preservation of the George Merrick house on Coral Way.

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Garden City: Public and Private Gardens in Early Toronto Early Toronto residents, politicians and local entrepreneurs transformed the City by creating public gardens and offering services and supplies to the gardening industry. As a result of their efforts, nineteenth century Toronto emerged as a more liveable community and a popular tourist attraction. By the late 1800s, guidebooks were referring to Toronto as the “Queen City”, the “Holiday City”, and the “ideal summer city”. In the fall and winter, city residents and visitors congregated for social events and recreation in churches, hotel dining rooms and concert halls.

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The primary mission of Catena, the Digital Archive of Historic Gardens and Landscapes, is to fill a void in American higher education by assembling a searchable collection of historic and contemporary images that include plans, engravings, paintings, and photographs to make the following possible: Provide Images for Teaching Landscape Studies Catena offers a readily available set of images to illustrate classroom lectures.

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