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While there are many different aspects to this collaboration, the main collaborators have been UC DATA and The UC Berkeley Library . We are extremely grateful to the Oregon State University Government Information Sharing Project for their generosity in sharing knowledge and time with us. Software for the 1990 Census LOOKUP was developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We would also like to acknowledge the cooperation of the U.S. Census Bureau for allowing us to access their data for STF1 and STF3.

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About the Collection The Middle East Water Collection provides access to roughly 9000 items on political, socio-economic, demographic, and legal issues of water in the Middle East. Materials include data, books, journal and newspaper articles, and documents published in the Middle East, Europe, and North America originating from a variety of publishers and national and multinational agencies and organizations. Materials in the public domain are available in full text from this website. More materials from the original collection will be added online as copyright permissions are granted. This website may be used as a search interface for the complete collection of M|E Water materials housed on the 3rd floor of the OSU Valley Library.

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