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Blog September 9, 2009 About CHODARR What is CHODARR? CHODARR stands for Community Health Online Digital Archive and Research Resource which is a publicly accessible virtual library of community-based and government publications. It is a permanent, catalogued and full-text online archive of grey literature and research materials related to health and social welfare policy. The CHODARR archive includes documents that are not normally published by commercial publishers.

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Volume 15, 2011 : Families & Transitions Michigan Family Review (MFR) is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication of the Michigan Council on Family Relations (MiCFR) and focuses on professional application and scholarly inquiry. Traditionally, MFR has been published once a year with each volume highlighting a single theme. MFR provides a forum for a wide range of professionals and others interested in strengthening family life. Readers and contributors include educators at many levels in several fields, social service staff, researchers, attorneys, medical and health personnel, clergy, and public policy makers, as well as practitioners in community and citizen-action groups, and family members themselves.

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About the Archive Links Collections Connexxus/Centro de Mujeres Collection Administrative records of one of the first Los Angeles non-profit organizations that catered and provided services to lesbians. Cruikshank (Margaret) Collection Book reviews, publicity materials, proposals, correspondence, press releases and interviews relating to Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Path; New Lesbian Writing, Lesbian-Feminist Study Clearing House. Faderman (Lillian) Collection Drafts of published papers, books and book reviews, research, correspondence, publicity materials and lesbian, gay and women's publications.

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Discover the many ways that women have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine. The individuals featured here provide an intriguing glimpse of the broader community of women doctors who are making a difference. The National Library of Medicine is pleased to present this exhibition honoring the lives and accomplishments of these women in the hope of inspiring a new generation of medical pioneers. This exhibition at the National Library of Medicine closed on November 19, 2005. Its traveling exhibition itinerary is available online. Please refer to "On Exhibit at NLM" on the Library's home page for information on the current exhibition on display at the Library. Perform your own customized database search to learn about the woman physicians featured in this exhibition.

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Celebrating Women The achievements of women have marked every aspect of Washington University history, in its excellence of teaching, in the depth of its research, and in the lives of so many students. We hope you will enjoy browsing the thematic topics of this online exhibit, which are listed on the right-hand menu. Each section contains multiple pages of information. The exhibit may also be searched by keyword, or you can select "Browse Items" or "Browse Collections" to view lists of materials used in this exhibition. The stories of these accomplishments could fill pages upon pages. This exhibit can only offer a beginning look into this history by highlighting some of these women and their accomplishments.

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