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Questions? questions? Contact Devin: dbecker@uidaho.edu (208) 885-7040 The Kyle Laughlin photographs were donated to University of Idaho Library Special Collections in February of 1985 by Marguerite Laughlin. It was processed and described in 1998 and 1999 by Karen Hertel. Kyle Laughlin (1905-1984) was a Moscow, Idaho resident and businessman for 56 years. He was born May 24, 1905 to Edward and Eva Laughlin in Ozark, Missouri. When Laughlin was about seven, the family moved to southeast Idaho where Kyle graduated from Ashton High School. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated in 1931 with a degree in teaching. In 1933, Kyle Laughlin married Marguerite Ward in Moscow. Marguerite was also a UI graduate and teacher.

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About the Everglades Digital Library The Everglades Digital Library (EDL) is a service of the Digital Collections Center at Florida International University Libraries in Miami, Florida. The EDL was established in 1996 to support research, education, decision making, and information resource management within the greater Everglades community. Since that time, the project has grown to serve patrons from around the world with Web-accessible digital collections, the online reference service 'Ask An Everglades Librarian', and other online information services.

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