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History of Medicine Introduction 引言 Tuberculosis was one of the major epidemic diseases in 20th-century China, along with smallpox, malaria, cholera, schistosomiasis, and other epidemics. Organized efforts to fight the disease began in 1933 when the National Anti-Tuberculosis Association of China was established. From 1950 through 1980, the Chinese government launched anti-tuberculosis campaigns as part of the national public health movement. The Anti-TB Association and the Red Cross played important roles in the health education campaigns. Health posters became an important tool to disseminate health knowledge and methods of prevention and treatment. The campaigns, along with the universal free healthcare, led to a significant decline of tuberculosis.

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Jon Cohen AIDS Research Collection Welcome to the Jon Cohen AIDS Research Collection. Noted Science writer Jon Cohen, has donated to the University of Michigan this collection of AIDS-related material he amassed while writing the book, Shots in the Dark: The Wayward Search for an AIDS Vaccine . Largely focused on AIDS vaccine research, the collection spans 20 years and contains conference materials, meeting agendas and minutes, promotional materials, scientific reports and numerous government materials among other forms of documentation not found elsewhere in digital form. With a generous grant from the John D.

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Dental Cosmos, a Monthly Record of Dental Science was the first enduring national journal for the American dental profession, and one of the most significant in the early history of American dentistry. The foundation of dental practice was documented and debated in its pages from 1859 through 1936, when it merged with the Journal of the American Dental Association , serving as a cornerstone for JADA and the model of what a successful dental journal could be. Many of these original source articles are still cited and considered classics in the field. The conversion of Dental Cosmos (1859 to 1936) from print to electronic was made possible through the generous support of the Colgate-Palmolive Company. Last update December 4, 2006.

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  This online collection offers important historical perspectives on the science and public policy of epidemiology today and contributes to the understanding of the global, social–history, and public–policy implications of diseases. Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics is a digital library collection that brings a unique set of resources from Harvard’s libraries to Internet users everywhere. Offering valuable insights to students of the history of medicine and to researchers seeking an historical context for current epidemiology, the collection contributes to the understanding of the global, social–history, and public–policy implications of disease.

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