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Muriel Simonson at Jackson College 1924-1929: a biographical exhibit Welcome to the online biographical exhibit about Muriel Simonson, who had been an exceptionally talented student of Jackson College, Tufts University, in the 1920s. This exhibit highlights Muriel's academic and athletic achievements and the fact that she was the first undergraduate theater producer (male or female) at Tufts University while also documenting her much-lauded acting and singing. Muriel Simonson's years at Jackson College are presented within the larger institutional, historical, economic, and gender contexts of her time.

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About this Project The purpose of this project is to use the archives of the University: documents, photographs, physical objects, and audiovisual materials - to tell the story of athletics at the University of Oregon. More than just statistics of accomplishments, this is the story of people and events that changed athletics at the University of Oregon over the past 110 years. It is also the story of athletics in higher education: the relationship and the issues involved between athletics and education over time. The project includes a collection of topics, a gallery of documents and images, and a timeline of events in the history of sports at the University of Oregon. All three areas can be expanded over time as resources permit.

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