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- Biomechanics of Motion Collection Description The purpose of this Biomechanics of Movement collection is to create a structure and a web based user interface for researchers and students to access and utilize video clips of human movements. This interactive digital archive resource provides a mechanism for bringing together engineers, animators, computer scientists, and kinesiologists to collectively solve meaningful real world problems fundamental to functional movement. This digital collection of movement video clips is created by members of the USC Biomechanics Research Laboratory in collaboration with USC Libraries. CITE AS: Creator. Title. Date. From the Biomechanics of Motion Digital Archive. Digitally reproduced by the University of Southern California Digital Archive.

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Golf in Scotland: A swing through time

The origins of golf are a matter of mystery and controversy.

Shown here are some of the earliest sources for the history of golf in Scotland. They shed light on the birth of the game, its language, techniques and equipment.
Social side of golf

They also tell us much about the social standing of golf as it developed from an outlawed activity to the world's most internationally important game.
World's first golf club

Documents and texts from the National Library of Scotland's collections and other sources give an insight into the early days of the game.

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About As a journal community, we offer the following working definitions to further delineate the scope of our medium: Our mission will be advanced by four primary drivers. 1. Phenomenology JSAS will shift research focus in the academic field of sport management toward a more precise study of distinct phenomena, ideas, and events. In his pioneering work regarding phenomenology in the field of philosophy, Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) attempted to shift the focus of philosophy away from large-scale theorization toward a more precise study of discrete phenomena, ideas, and events.

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About this Project The purpose of this project is to use the archives of the University: documents, photographs, physical objects, and audiovisual materials - to tell the story of athletics at the University of Oregon. More than just statistics of accomplishments, this is the story of people and events that changed athletics at the University of Oregon over the past 110 years. It is also the story of athletics in higher education: the relationship and the issues involved between athletics and education over time. The project includes a collection of topics, a gallery of documents and images, and a timeline of events in the history of sports at the University of Oregon. All three areas can be expanded over time as resources permit.

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Questions? The Historical Gameday Program Covers Collection consists of about 150 program covers and corresponding metadata, covering the years 1908 to 1967 and including both home and away games. Covers can be browsed by place or date, using the Locations and Timeline tabs. Full programs can be browsed by request via a visit to the University of Idaho Library Special Collections & Archives department. The visual and creative skills that informed the creation of these covers demonstrate both the artistic and historical styles of their time periods. If you are interested in ordering a high resolution copy of one of these images, please contact Special Collections at libspec@uidaho.edu .

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