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The Biggert Collection of Architectural Vignettes on Commercial Stationery Gift of Robert Biggert in Honor of Lisa Ann Riveaux The Robert Biggert Collection of Architectural Vignettes on Commercial Stationery was donated to the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library by Robert Biggert in honor of Lisa Ann Riveaux. This unique collection of printed ephemera contains over 1,300 items with architectural imagery spanning the dates 1850 to 1920, in more than 350 cities and towns in forty-five states, as well as the District of Columbia and U.S. possessions. New York City is particularly well-represented with over 100 items portraying structures below Houston Street alone.

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Passages: A Chronicle of the African Humanities (ISSN 1056-6783, first published under ISSN 1053-1319 as a successor to PAS News and Events ) was founded in 1991 at Northwestern University's Program of African Studies as a print serial. Now, with the generous permission of Northwestern University, Passages has been digitized and published online, along with two issues of a new web-based serial called passages (ISSN 1933-5148), in conjunction with the web-based journal GEFAME . passages is no longer actively publishing, but the archive of back issues of Passages and passages (the new series) will be permanently available. Current issue: Past issues Search passages

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APIS is a collections-based repository hosting information about and images of papyrological materials (e.g. papyri, ostraca, wood tablets, etc) located in collections around the world. It contains physical descriptions and bibliographic information about the papyri and other written materials, as well as digital images and English translations of many of these texts. When possible, links are also provided to the original language texts (e.g. through the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri). The user can move back and forth among text, translation, bibliography, description, and image.

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Bliffert Collection The Thomas and Jean Ross Bliffert Postcard Collection consists of about 12,000 postcards on a broad range of local, regional, national and international subjects. Thomas and Jean Ross Bliffert, who have been actively collecting postcards since 1945, donated the collection to the UW-Milwaukee Libraries beginning in September 1998. Although the collection is still being processed, it may be accessed upon request in Special Collections at the UWM Libraries.

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